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    ABOUT air like no other

    Environmental Design

    Spinto fans are driven by the latest technology DC motors, providing the lowest power consumption available in the world today. Its lifetime is three times larger than the traditional fan technology, all materials can be recycled, helping minimize waste.

    Unique Flow Sensation

    The aerodynamic surfaces around our fans are designed to generate a circular vortex flow, which in turn creates a revolving air current in the room. This helps reduce noise and maximize energy by allowing the flow to reach further into the room, while completely eliminating the downstream flow typical of conventional fans.


    All of our units are a one of a kind product. All surfaces are shaped one by one by skilled metal sheet artisans, assembled and tested by hand in our Miami facility before shipping to you. All internal accessories and hardware are designed in-house and generated using the latest 3D printing technology and aerospace CNC equipment.

    Aerospace Materials

    Aerospace aluminum, carbon fiber, 3D printed fibers are some of the materials you will find and feel in our pieces, all carefully selected to create a unique set of attributes that simply cannot be achieved by industrial manufacturers.

    SPINTO project

    While there are hundreds of options of high-end pieces of furniture, with carefully selected quality materials combined with craftmanship and functionality in mind, there are no ceiling fans to compliment your thoughtful choices. Spinto was founded to help fulfill that vision, to create one additional element that can tell a story, inspire and enhance the choices people make for their most intimate living spaces, like no other ceiling fan can.


    It is common practice in the ceiling fan industry to overlook fundamental variables such as aerodynamics, weight, materials, efficiency and others. At Spinto, we start our design process with your space in mind, then evaluate those variables and the behavior they will have in your own space.


    Erick Di Falco founded Spinto LLC in 2009 with that sole purpose in mind of adding contemporaneity to the ceiling fan. An Aerospace Engineer by training and tinkerer by passion, Erick started this idea by pursuing a design that would deliver a new sensorial experience, different to what all of us are used to get from a traditional ceiling fan, and after ten years of experimenting with different components we are pleased with the results.

    Spinto products are proudly made in Miami, Florida. So far sold in 10 countries, and we are just getting started. Thank you for being a part of progress and evolution in design by including pieces in your space that truly deliver air like no other.